Founding Executive Director, Editor-in-Chic at Queens of Virtue, PBC
Crowns of Glory INTL Ministries is a nonprofit media/publishing ministry, presented by Queens of Virtue enterprise; Our goal is to instill and influence growth in young women – by facilitating enrichment and self-sufficiency in their everyday lives. The vision is to educate, encourage and empower future leaders, as our services inspire them to be free of oppression, and rise up to take the throne as queens - the King of Kings purpose them to be.

We host empowered events, such as Beauty for Ashes, which creates a safe haven for women to heal through storytelling, set to the therapeutic power of sisterhood - as we are stronger in numbers. Like the Phoenix, a woman's resilience empowers her endurance…as she continues to rise through the ashes. Fire cleanses, purges and paves the way for new life! God is a consuming fire. We gather at retreats and curated empowerment events, around the world; to make a positive impact in the lives we touch.


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